Adam's CAS Park Project

A perfect park for everyone!

Dear Cas Park Community
I think that my park is a great idea for people. It is a great park with dimensions of 42 by 60. This park suits people who are in love with nature because this park contains many natural features such as trees, rivers and a pathway in between the trees and it suits many other people too.. This park also suits handy-capped people because in this park I have included ramps and have excluded all obstacles that make it difficult to maneuver trough this area. Also there is a small lake area playground where kids who are hot might just want to take a dip. There is also a huge lake in the middle where people could see birds and animals roam around. After that there is also a bridge crossing a river so that people could look at the scenery and enjoy the peacefulness around them. Lastly there is a pathway that goes through the trees that pleases those in search of a romantic time, overall this park is for anyone that wants to come and relax. So don’t think and just vote for my park. You will never regret it
Sincerely, Adam