Aman's Persuasive letter

To: Math Commitee
69 Jalan Fat Kuala Lumpur
pincode #: 8490

Hello my name is aman. I designed this park the way I like it with all its trees and stuff. This park approaches you with emotions and expressions I learned all this from art. Mrs. D and Mrs. C helped me throughout the whole time. I also would appreciate them helping. I also have a picnic area for the family while the kids can go play and there will be safety because the parents can watch over them since it is only in front of them. Another key feature is my pond where ducks and fish will be swimming around. It would really mean alot to me if you can visit my page.

Thank you


How has your understanding of access to public spaces been changed by your experience of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair?

Yes because every time I walk around the upper field I never realized there was a wheelchair but then Emma told uss all that there was a entrance through outside of the upper field from the construction site. In the court yard the wheel was easy to take up because there was a wheelchair ramp which was easy because you just have to push it up.

• What have you learned about the process when designing the park? Eg, how did you manage to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions and vice versa?

I have learned a lot in this project. In this project we had to convert a grid to 150meters and the width was 105 meters. There was two options either you take 1 square to be a 2 meter or the other one is 5 meter. Then we took real dimension of things and if the thing is two meters I know that it takes up 1 square.

• What suggestions can you make for improving the process for next year’s students?

You can give them more time to do this project because some of them may not know how to use Freehand and mess up things. Maybe around 4 classes.


A= Flower bed
B= Lake

C= Play ground

D= Bridge
E= Picnic tables
F= Trees