Annika-Marissa-CAS Park Project Persuasive Letter
Address: Jalan Triqua Tikipa Baru

Dear Mont’Kiara Community Planning Committee,
I think that my park will be very suitable for this school. The students could use it both during school and after school. Not just students can go to my park but, adults, and grandparents could even come. I think that they would like it as much as the children. For example, if a student from the school had some family coming they could go to the park after school and have a pleasant evening. There are many reasons why just an average family from all ages would enjoy my park. First of all, the students could go biking on the pavement made throughout the park. In the playground there would be many “rides” that the young ones could go on. Even if the older students just wanted to have a chat outside they could sit on the comfortable tables with benches. There would also be a pond where we would have a few ducks that anyone could feed bread to. I think that the parents would like the safety that would be in this park because I would have a high chair just like the life guards have by the pool where someone could look over the whole park. That person could see if anything was wrong, maybe if someone got hurt. He or she could go straight away to help that person. Then the adults would not have to be worried about their children and could relax. Grandparents would like it in the park because they could sit down and relax in the shade where they could sit back. They would not have to sit on benches that had no back. They could also have a stroll on the pavement throughout the park. I think that you should choose my park because it is appropriate for everyone.
Member of the Mont’Kiara Community Planning Committee
Annika and Marissa

Annika and Marissa-CAS Park Project Report
In my park half of my park is picnic and playground area. Each square represents 2m. It has a picnic area that contains a triangular flower garden, one garden in another place in the park, and trees in several places with room to grow. My picnic area is 14 by 22m and 20 by 30m, so together 34 by 52m. To get the area of my picnic area, I multiplied these dimensions together. So the area of my picnic place is 908m2. It is labeled as B. My playground area is 22 by 16m. So to find the area of a rectangle you have to multiply length by width. So 22 by16 equals 352m2. It is labeled as A. My triangle flower garden is 6 by 6m. The garden is labeled C. To find the area I multiplied the 2 dimensions and divided them by 2. Therefore the area of my flower garden is 36m2. The other garden I have is 8 by 8m, and labeled as D. 8 multiplied by 8 makes 64, making 64 the area of the other garden. I have 2 types of trees large and small. My large trees are labeled E they have an area of 3.14 m. Since these were drawn as circles I had to find the area of a circle. First I found the diameter of my circle, which was 2m. Then we had to find the radius. So I divided my diameter (2) by 2, so my radius would be 1m. Now that I had the radius I could find the area. To find the area, you multiply pie which is 3.14 by the radius, 1m, squared. So 3.14 by1and 1again. My final answer is 3.14m2. My small trees have an area of .75m, and are labeled F. I used the same formula to find the area for my small trees. My diameter was 1.5m, so my radius is .75m. Then my area will be exactly 1.76625. Each of these trees has room to grow. I think that these sizes are reasonable for the individual objects. (Find dimensions of other part and the whole thing). Our tables are 1m by 5m, meaning that our area is 5m. We labeled the tables E. Our benches are 2m by 0.2m and our area is 0.4m2, we labeled the benches F. Our chairs are approximately 1m by 1m and our area is1m2, we labeled our chairs I. For our pavement we separated it into different sections. We labeled our pavement J and then gave the different sections a number. J1= 4m by 2m, area is 8m2. J2= 24m by 2m. Area is 48m2. J3= 24m by 2m, area is 48m2. J4= 8m by 2m, area is 16m2. J5= 12m by 2m, area is 24m. J6= 4m by 2m, area is 8m2. J7= 20m by 2m, area is 40m2. So the total area of the pavement is 192m2. Our other chairs are 2m by 2m which gives us the area of 4m2, we labeled the chairs L. We also have a pond that is labeled as K. The diameter is 8m so to find the radius I dived 8 by 2, then I got 4m. Then I had to multiply pie, 3.14 by the radius squared. So 3.14 by 4 by 4. Then I got 50.24m2, which is my area.


• How has your understanding of access to public spaces been changed by your experience of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair?
My understanding of access has changed by the experience of trying to access the upper field with the wheelchair because everyone should be able to come to public spaces. So, even people in wheelchairs should be able to access it. This means that it should not be difficult for them to actually come into the public spaces.

• What have you learned about the process when designing the park? Eg, how did you manage to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions and vice versa?
I have learned how to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions because for example, we had to find what size we wanted for our pavement. On the grid it did not look so big, but when we thought of the actual size in our heads, the pavement sounded very wide. Then we thought that half could be for walkers and the other half for bikers. So I learned to think first of how big it would actually be in real life, not just on the grid.

• What suggestions can you make for improving the process for next year’s students?
For next year, I think that they should have a little more time to work on their class maybe 4 or 6 classes. Also they should make a rough draft before they start their park because I felt that it was quite hard to work when everything wasn’t that planned and organized.

Our Park:annika


Area and Formula
Playground Area
Area: 352m2 Formula: l*w=22*16
Picnic Area
Area: 908m2 Formula: l*w=34*52
Triangle Flower Garden
Area:36m2 Formula: b*h/2=6*6/2
Other Garden
Area: 64m2 Formula:l*w=8*8
Area:5m2 Formula: l*w=1*5
Area:0.4m2 Formula: l*w=2*0.2
Big Trees
Area:3.14m2 Formula: pie, radius, squared
Small Trees
Area:0.75m2 Formula: pie, radius, squared
Area:1m2 Formula: l*w=1*1
Area: 192m2 Formula: J1= 4m by 2m, area is 8m2. J2= 24m by 2m. Area is 48m2. J3= 24m by 2m, area is 48m2. J4= 8m by 2m, area is 16m2. J5= 12m by 2m, area is 24m. J6= 4m by 2m, area is 8m2. J7= 20m by 2m, area is 40m2. total area of the pavement = 192m2.
Area: 50.24m2 Formula: pie, radius, squared
Other Chair (high chair)
Area:4m2 Formula: l*w=2*2