You need to complete four parts to this assignment:

  1. Design your park; write Report
  2. Write a persuasive letter detailing why your design should be chosen
  3. Reflective writing as detailed in Self-Knowledge below
  4. Post your completed work from steps 1-3 on your student wiki page

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Daily Task Lists:

Mark Scheme is linked below


Goal: To build a recreational park in Mathsland
Role: You are a council member of the Mathsland Community Planning Committee
Audience: The entire sixth grade, as members of the CPC
Situation: You must design a functional recreational park to scale utilizing Macromedia FreeHand.
Product Performance: You will need to convince the CPC that your park is the best option for Mathsland. Your presentation must include:
1. A park design which meets the following parameters:
• Dimensions 105m by 150m (Scale 1 grid unit to 5m) OR 42m by 60 m. (Scale: 1 grid unit to 2m.)
• Half park is picnic and playground area (not necessarily together)
• Picnic area contains a triangular flower garden
• One garden in another place in the park
• Trees in several place – leave room to grow
• Color code your design
2. Persuasive letter justifying the design of your park emphasizing positive aspects of size, location, and quantity of items in your park (e.g. wheelchair access).
• Design your park in 3D
• Add an irregularly shaped pond

3. Report giving Scale, Legend, Formulae and dimensions for all objects in your park - in metres. Use these dimensions to calculate the areas of all objects in your park.

4. Self-Knowledge: Reflective journal (possibly on blog) to respond to:
• How has your understanding of access to public spaces been changed by your experience of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair?
• What have you learned about the process when designing the park? Eg, how did you manage to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions and vice versa?
• What suggestions can you make for improving the process for next year’s students?

Marking Scheme

Attention students!!
Please note:
  1. Organisation section for report is going to be marked
  2. Please add Scale, Formulae and Legend to your Report