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May 24, 07

Dear 6th graders of the Mathsland Community Planning Committee (CPC)

AIR. Life. SPACE. Freedom. Yes, freedom. Isn’t that what everyone wants in a local park? Isn’t that the purpose of a park? Fortunately if you chose my park, people of all ages have a reason to come will have abundant room to be free. No hot-dog stands, day care, drink stands; bike loaning stores will be there to congest the park. But if there is a need for instant food and drinks, two nice vending machines will be there. They will contain all the best nutrition and junk food as well as a variety of drinks!

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My park is a 60length by 42 width heven which contains activities for all ages. When you bring your child over to a park, ever thought about giving yourself a break and some good exercise? You can here. There will be a multipurpose path around the park. You can jog, bike, walk and watch your kid from all corners! Don’t worry about extreme heat as when you jog, the trees which will surround the park will provide ample shelter from the sun. The trees also aren’t squished up together but separated 4 trees by 6 so there will be a way for wind to pass through. There will be a beautiful picnic area great for birthday parties and other special events or just family fun! It also can be a great place to study the far end from the playground is reasonably far from the field and play area. It is also a great place for the elderly to come and relax and see the refreshing new generation as they have a right to come too. The park will also be scenic. Two trees with surrounding benches will be places at the both, left/right sides of the picnic area. There will a big water fountain in the down middle of the two trees. A pond will be placed above the river that connects the picnic area and playground. There will also be two spacious tables with a hole in the middle to put in an umbrella for shade if needed. The two vending machines mentioned earlier are located at one end of the picnic area. Garbage cans, as seen as small pink circles in the park picture are scattered in a few easy reaching places so not much littering will consist. There are also four big garbage cans for recycling, one on each of the four corners of the park. The park also has a playground equipped with exciting equipment great for young kids. They can climb and monkey around with the monkey bars, fly with the flying fox, swing or slide! The playground is located in the middle and is noticeable from the picnic area; all benches in the park are placed strategically around the park so keeping an eye on the kids will be simple! There will be benches around the park and triangular benches in the garden of the playground and picnic area for all-round viewing.

The other part of the park is just free big grass space. It can be used as a soccer field or anything you want, like tag for example. This is useful for teenagers as they aren’t interested in those baby playgrounds and family picnic but to hang out with their friends. It’s a great social place.

This park will also place a great “star” on accessibility for there are four main entrances, one on each side. There will not be any steps, only flat land so it is easy - peasy for the elderly of any walking disabilities, other handicap and small children to access. But if someone can’t go over the bridge of the river, they always have the other park entrance entering strait to the picnic area. The way all trees and greens are placed from the entrance, will definitely “call” the people over!

My design is to be simple yet, functional. It works for everybody of every age and need.
So if you chose my park, citizens can let their inner child out. Isn’t enjoyment important to a successful well rounded life?

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