My Park:

David_Park2.jpg Legend.png


Scale 1unit to 5m

Tables: 2.5*5
= 12.5sqm

Garden: 35*7
= 122.5sqm

Trees: R=2.5
= 19sqm

Slide: 2.5*15
= 37.5sqm

Pond: 30*27
= 405sqm

Swing: 15*1
= 15sqm²

Flower Beds: R=2.5
= 19sqm

Swingy Thing: R=5
= 78.5sqm

Road: Length= 70*5 Width=2.5
= 875sqm

Garden2: 25*20

Ice-cream Stand: 7.5*5
= 10sqm

McDonald's: 20*15
= 200sqm

Persuasive Letter:

Dear members of the Mathsland Community Planning Committee,
I would like to present and explain my park idea to you all. If you take a look at my design you will find that it has a lot of good reasons why you should chose it. As you can see I have added a platform in the middle of the lake so that people can sit and enjoy a great view while feeding the ducks/fish. I have made it so that there are many seating places in my park.
The playground for children is also very good because it includes a giant slide which is over 15 meters long. Another up for children is that there is a McDonalds at the end of the walk to give you a quick snack. Another really good thing about the park is that it has lots of places for the children to run around.
This park is also very good for the elderly because it has many ramps which the disabled can do up and down. It is also good because the many trees and fresh air will make them feel alive again. The garden is also a good place because it is very big and people can go around smelling flowers.
Thank you for listening. I hoped you liked my design.



My understanding of public spaces has improved by trying to get to the courtyard with a wheelchair. When I tried to get down it took over 10 minutes to do what a ½ a minute walk could have done. I now think that people should either create more ramps or help the disabled to get down things faster.
To make the park I had to convert dimensions many times so that I did not make the tables and other items giant. So now I can convert dimension very quickly.
For next years students I think the grid should be at a larger scale so that we do not have to worry about making tables giant. I also think that we should get more time in making the park so that we can make it very well and so that it looks the best that it can be.
So I think I did pretty well on this project. Thank you for looking at my project.