• Finish designing your park in FreeHand - 105m x 150m OR 42m x 60m
  • Export your park as .jpg.
    • Go to: File, export, choose .jpg from “file type” menu (see screen shot below).
    • Make sure to name your file yourname_park.jpg and save it into your IT6 folder so that way we will know whose park it is when it’s uploaded to the wikispace.
  • Print .jpg version in color.
  • Rotate and re-size park in Photoshop (the longest side should be no longer than 600 pixels).
    • Control-click/right-click on .jpg version, select “Open With Adobe Photoshop CS2”
    • If you need to rotate, go to Image, Rotate Canvas and select the correct amount of rotation.
    • Once your park is rotated properly, re-size it by going to Image, Image size.
    • NOTE: Your image must be no longer than 600 pixels on the longest side (see screenshot below):
  • Create your page and link it to the students page.
  • Upload your .jpg to your personal page.
  • Copy and paste (or write) your persuasive letter onto your personal page.