Persuasive Letter:

Dear Mathsland Community Planning Committee,
The reason why I am writing to you is so you can chose to build my park. You should use my park because it is fun for everyone. It’s fun for everyone because it has a sand pit for little kids, a swimming pool for everyone, a bathroom, and a picnic area for everyone, and a pond with tadpoles in it so you can catch them, and two playgrounds for kids. My park also has two gardens and a lot of trees so it is a good environmental place to be. There are roads to each place and you can walk, roller blade, skateboard, or ride your bike but you aren’t a allowed to drive your car here. These are the things you aren’t allowed to litter, climb the trees, walk in the flower gardens, or drive your car because we want to save the environment. These are the reasons why my park is the best.

My park: