Eiza's Park+

56783 Willie Wonka st.
Jalan Bukit Kiara
Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Beautification Committee,
I think you should choose my park because disabled people would be able to go inside very easily and there are no steps at all. There is a paddle boating area that people can use. There is also a pool and a petting zoo. The types of animals in the petting zoo are: dogs, goats, turtles, horses, lizards, and birds. Children will be able to clean and comb the horses. They can feed the goats and there will also be 5 RM fee to take the dogs on a walk around the park and play with them around the park. All animals will be vaccinated.
If it gets too hot people can go for a swing by the ice cream parlor. There will be refreshments as well. At the play area for children there is also a fort for them that includes; sofas, hammocks, food refreshments, TV sets (only documentaries on animals), and computers with access to the computer for kids who need to do their home work, books, and much, much more!
Tables are also available in the picnic area. You can sit and eat much as you want! So come on and enjoy yourself at Eiza’s Cas Park!

Eiza Marot


Entrance: length-25, width-5, area-125 2m
Petting zoo: length-30, width-20, area-600 2m
Fountain: length-20, width-20, smaller part: length-15, width-10, area-550 2m
Pool: length-30, width-15, area-450 2m
Tables: length-2.5, width-2.5, area-6.3 2m
Garden: height-15, base-15, area-112.5 2m
Paddle boating: length-25, width-20, area-500 2m
Fort: length-10, width-5, length-10, width-5, area-75 2m
Ice cream parlor: length-10, width-5, length-10, width-5, area-75 2m
Sand box: length-20, width-10, area-200 2m