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First of all welcome to my page! I would like to give you an introductory about this math project. In sixth grade math we are doing a project called CAS Park Project. The students have to design their own park and add certain things in it. The software which we are using to design the park is called Macromedia Flashware (something like that...) we don't only have to design a park we also have to record dimensions and areas of the things included in our park. I am now finished with my park and you can have a preview of it below.

Report As I was working on my park I noticed that it was not as easy as I had thought it would be. The software that we are using is actually quite hard to use but maybe it’s just because I am not used to it. As I mentioned above I am currently finished with my park. I am using to 2 by 2 graph and here are the areas and dimensions I have found.
Picnic Area (Shape B):
Area: 42 X 30

1260 – 320

940 Meters
Playground Area (Shape A):
Area: 16 X 20 = 320 Meters
Length: 20 meters
Width: 16 meters
Triangular Flower Garden (Shape C):
Area: 8 X 8 = 64 Meter
Base: 8 meters
Height: 8 meters
Work: bh = 64
Another Garden (Shape D):
Area: 6 X 12 = 72 Meters
Length: 12 Meters
Width: 6 Meters
Trees (Shape E’s):
Area: 2 X 2 = 4 Meters
Length: 2 Meters
Width: 2 Meters
Round Tables (Shape F):
Area: 3.14 X 2 X 2 = 12.56 Meters (12.5 Meters)
Length: 4 Meters
Width: 4 Meters
Some techniques I used where since the picnic area and playground area cover half of my park I figured that if I found the area of half of my park, which was 1260 Meters. Since the Playground Area was 320 Meters I subtracted that from 1260 which gave me 940 Meters.

Finding the area of a circle wasn't actually as hard as a thought it would be. Maybe when Mrs. M explained it she used some very mathematical words like radius, outline, and dimensions and I didn't know what they meant but now I do. For example dimension is the length, width, height or base of anything.

The good thing about my park is that I scale things down which means that everything on my park is not the same size as it is in real life. It's kind of like reducing an image. That is what I have done so far to my park.

Now that my park is finished I am quite satisfied with it. I think that I could have done better if I had a greater amount of time. I just added the main things so I could get a good solid grade. I wanted to add some things into the playground like a slide or see-saws or even swings but Mrs. M said we had to get the basics and dimensions done, which I got. As you can see the dimensions are previewed above and the park is previewed below.

I decided not to record my rough dimensions on a piece of scratch paper because then I would have to add it into a word document which would take up more time instead I could just type in on the Word document and have it don’t with.

I am also happy that while I was making my park I was also recording my dimensions. For example when I made after of the park the picnic and playground area I immediately recorded areas and dimensions so it would save me time and I wouldn't have to be doing that in the last minute.

Something I wish I had more of for this project was time. I wish all the classes could have gotten more time to complete the project so we could all do better with a greater amount of time.


How has your understanding of access to public spaces been changed by your experience of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair? The day when we went to the Upper Field we didn't try to access the wheel cair but I did expiriment a bit. You couldn't get the chair up the stairs or down the stairs so you had to go in the wheel chair take the elevator to the breezeway and go outside the school. Once you're outside the school you walk left towards the upper feild and at the end of the upper feilfd there is a gate. This gate could be opened and a wheel cair could be accessed. Although there are three poles infront of the gate the chair will still fit through. So know I do understand.

What have you learned about the process when designing the park? Eg, how did you manage to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions and vice versa? Somethings I have learned while making the park are that Macromedia Flashware is a very handy refrence when you have to do a technical project. I learn't how to scale things down so you wouldn't have to make something real life size on the grid. I learn't how to find the area of a circle.( eg: 3.14 X 2 X 2 ) As I said before I learned how to scale things down so they would not be life size but I knew how to convert them because i pictured it from a birds eye view and since birds fly high I made the things small but not only that. I also thought about it to see if it would make sense or not because if you had a thing which was scaled down then it sould be small not huge.
What suggestions can you make for improving the process for next year’s students?
Ideas for next years students:
-look at our parks to get great idead
-hand everything in on time so your grade won't drop
-if you feel like you are dropping behind ask a friend to help or partner up with someone
-ask for help if you're confused.
-use your time well

101 Beauty Lane, Beverley Hills
U.S.A 10100
Dear City Council,

Hopefully you are aware that I am building a park on Beauty Lane in Beverley Hills. I am also aware that you have to choose which park you like the best and that is a very hard decision... so I have an idea, why don't you just choose my park isn't that the easiest choice. Unfortunately I don't think it’s as easy as that for you guys so I would like to tell you a little bit about my park. My park will have a flower garden which is 64 meters big for the people to enjoy! I also have a 320 meter playground area for all the small children to run and play to the parents can take a break. I will also include a picnic area which is 940 meters big for the people to sit and enjoy. I will also have another garden which is 72 meters big including flowers, plants etc. I don't want my park to be too hot so I will add some trees which will be 4 meters so they are nice and big to cover up more shade. I will also add two round tables with the area of 12.56 meters. As you see I am very persiece because I want my park to be perfect. I won't just have tables with no chairs so I will add some chairs which will be 0.5 meters big. That is all I am going to add to my park. So please pick my park because of its magnificent features!! I beg you!
Love, Emma

PS: Down Below is a picture of what my park will look like!:

"To you my park may look plain..but keep in mind that when I build it my park will be pimping"


URL's for pictures: