Isobel's Park


89 Fairy Land
Walnut street
Magic street
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear council,

I think you should use my park because I have creative shapes and designs. In my park I have two football fields, two basketballs courts, swimming pool, picnic area and a playground. Within that playground I have a sand pit for the little ones. You see, this brings attention to family with kids. So there are a lot of things they can do. I also think you should choose mu park because I think it's very organized of how I have put all my shapes in it. What you call a good layout. My sizes for my shapes are good, I have done the a suitable size. Not to big, not to small. My park is very neat. You can tell what everything is clearly. I think a family would have a lot of fun in my park. I hope you think so to.

Isobel D.