This is my newly designed park




A= length * height


A= base * height /2

Persuasive Paragraph:

1427 Fish Lane
North Fishermen, MK 58520
May 23, 2007

Dear 6th graders of the Mathsland Community Planning Committee (CPC),

I think that my park should be chosen as the new park because it definitely stands out from the others. My park is great for any occasion, birthday, and gathering, absolutely everything! My park includes a playground place where the children can play, a picnic for the family, and a big space for many different things that I shall tell you later. The playground area consists of slides, a monkey bar, a giant sandbox, and swings. The monkey bar is good because it is quite long so that the children will get stronger. Finally the sandbox is great for children because it is like their own private beach except they are safe from the dangerous waters. The picnic place has one flower garden with beautiful flowers, benches, picnic mats/tables, and plenty of trees. The triangular flower garden is absolutely beautiful, the flowers are very pretty. The benches are good because they are big enough for someone to just lie down. The mats are also very good because they are big enough for the entire family to sleep. The trees are absolutely beautiful; they are nice and big for shade. Finally we have the rest of the space. There are 2 flower gardens, bathrooms, food stands, a pond, swimming pools, and trees. There are bathrooms so that if you need to go, you can go. There are also food stands so that if you are hungry you can get something to eat. The pond is also something special about the park. The pond is really nice because there are lily flowers, sand, and a bridge over the pond. The swimming pool is obviously for swimming. Finally entrance, you can actually enter from anywhere but the real welcome entrance is behind the picnic place and there are stairs and also the sliding stair for the wheelchair people.

From your council member of Mathsland CPC,


Q: How has your understanding of access to public spaces been changed by your experience of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair?

A: My understanding of access to public spaces has been changed by my experiece of trying to access the Upper Field by wheelchair is that it's impossible because even with elevators because 1, there won't be elevators in the middle of a park or around it because you'll still have to go through staircases which is extremely dangerous. So for my park you can enter freely without going through any stairs but there is one place in the welcome entrance where instead of stairs it is just a sort of plank but safer.

Q: What have you learned about the process when designing the park? Eg, how did you manage to convert real dimensions to grid dimensions and vice versa?

A: I manage to convert the real dimensions to grid dimensions not so well.. It was a bit hard because since you had to make everything really small because if it was normal size it would be huge in real life. But I managed to make it smaller to real life size.

Q: What suggestions can you make for improving the process for next year’s students?

A: For next year, the suggestions I can say is that to make the project due until later because many students had to stay after school working on it. They should also have a whole class just on knowing how to use the software but a bit before the project so that they have a background on the software. Also the scale of the entire park should be smaller so that it's less confusing.